• The mission of Western Wayne Schools is to provide the opportunity for our students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities needed to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.



  • We envision a school in which we are able to equip our students to be successful in the 21st Century



  1. Students will learn what they are taught in our classes

  2. We will provide more students with access to the most rigorous curriculum in each department each year

  3. We will provide a learning environment that is conducive to student learning



  • Our students are life-long learners and valuable members to society

  • Our students have the right to a safe learning environment

  • Students' grades reflect mastery of state standards



We Commit to:

  • Making decisions that are data driven and result oriented

  • Measuring our success by how much students are learning, as measured by students' grades, scores on assessments, and success upon graduation

  • Collaborating with fellow teachers to find the answer to issues that arise

  • Developing positive relationships with our students and our community

Mrs. Renee Lakes
Mr. John Engle

LMS/LHS Principal

- rlakes@wwayne.k12.in.us

- 765.478.5916

LMS/LHS Administrator

- jengle@wwayne.k12.in.us

- 765.478.5916